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I am inspired by every single person who’s inspired me to this point. I turned to spin when I needed an outlet and safe space and I want to create that same space for each and every individual who walks through those doors. If you’re down, feeling less than you, going through a rough patch, or whatever it may be, I want to pass on the positive energy that’s helped me in so many ways. I want to give a little light to anyone who feels a little dark through good music, a great attitude, and all around positive vibes. So join me for 50 minutes where we get together, let it out on that bike, and walk out of the studio a little lighter, a little taller, and a lot more inspired!

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Cribbage. Cooking. Spin. Fall wardrobe. Live Music. McValue Menu. Camping. Family & Friends. Anything BBQ’ed. Active lifestyle.

Never met a plate of fries I didn’t like. Homemade Soup. Avocado. Hot wings (flats only). Watermelon. Turkey dinner (with all the fixings). Nibs. Wine.

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