Kyle Williams

  • Root Beer Connoisseur
  • Recovery Advocate
  • Kindness
  • Authenticity
  • Reliability
  • Love…
  • and Pizza

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I’m inspired by the people who come to class and fight through. The stories that are shared after a class light me up. I know sometimes life outside of YYC’s walls is hectic and can beat us up. It’s inspiring to see the amazing community we’ve built, the support for one another, and the determination shown by the Bikergang to give it everything they’ve got for 50 minutes.


Cycling, Triathlon, Bread Making, Sports of any kind, Cribbage, Binge-watching TV shows, Long walks on the beach… Is this a profile I’m making?

I’m one of those crazy plant-based athletes, so anything vegan is great. Pizza – home-made is best, Ice Cream, and Chilli. Root Beer is my beverage of choice; I stay away from the booze… it’s better for everyone that way.

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Marda Loop | Avenida | Kensington

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