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  • Life Lover. Forever Student. Dog Mom. Adventure Seeker. Authentic Relationship Advocate. Coffee Drinking Devotee.

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Inspired by

By commitment to self growth. By vulnerability. By authenticity. By leaning into failure. By pushing boundaries. By stepping into a world a discomfort. By real connection. By showing up for self.
It's those moments on the bike--when you allow yourself opportunity to lean in to any one of these--that inspires me. Because, at the end of the day, that is what life is all about; it's about how you show up for yourself.
Lean in. Find growth.


Laughing. Spin (rhetorical?). Yoga. Hiking. Patio beer-ing. Trail running. Writing. Eating good food with epic humans.

Pizza. Wine. Bananas are awesome. Ice cream is happiness. Coffee is life (but, actually).

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