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Ever walk into an ice cream shop and immediately beam from ear to ear? That's me, each and every time I walk into one of our studios. This place and all the great people within will lift you up, laugh with you, cry with you, and of course, sweat with you. This is more than a spin class. This is family, a safe place, an outlet for all things bad, a recharge, and the best sweaty dance party you'll ever attend. Inside and outside of those four studio walls, you are apart of the most supportive and loving community and I promise you, you will feel it. This place is truly magic. I have been impacted by great motivators during my time as Bikgergang and Key Leader and hope my time as a motivator, I can do the same. This place, the people, and the community within it inspire me and I am so grateful.


Hiking my heart out in the mountains, playing pickle ball, any live sporting event, and buying lulu (IYKYK LOL)

Tacos and tequila (Can't have one without the other), movie theatre popcorn, vermicelli, and literally anything on the Earls happy hour menu

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