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Life is crazy. 50 minutes in a dark room, full of like-minded people sometimes isn’t enough. But maybe it’s all we need sometimes.

Yyc is my place to let-go and just “be”, and give everything I have to that bike. Sometimes, just showing up is the hardest part and I want to do everything I can in that room to help us all tap into every second that we can. Wether it be a joke to make you forget about your day or a heavy hard grind to make you remember how hard you are working, in and out of the studio, we are in this together. We will walk out that door with our heads held high, stronger than yesterday and maybe with a new favourite country song... ;)


connection . community . family . mountains.

Popcorn w/ M&M peanuts (not optional), morning coffee | evening prosecco, celiac: so....rice?

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