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I am inspired by realizing that the things that you never expected to inspire you, actually have the biggest impact on your life. I think recognizing the sheer influence of inspiration and its potential impact on everything we do, is how I can open my mind to being inspired. Inspiration propels us from viewing opportunities with apathy to possibility and transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities. Inspiration trickles into our lives in so many different ways and encourages us to continually evolve perhaps without even realizing it. Inspiration doesn’t have to come to you in the form of a quote, or a long book detailing how you should live your life to unlock your greatest potential. It can come in the form of pumps and dips to a sick Spice Girls remix with 40 other sweaty humans beside you in a dark room – realizing that you may all have different end goals, but for 50 minutes you’re taking time for you, and you alone.

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Quoting Michael Scott, Science!, Carpool Karaoke, My Cats, Everything New Zealand, Going to bed at 8:30 pm and waking up with an imprint of a book on my face, Road Cycling

Aperol Spritz(es), Waffles, A rich&dark pour over, Anything at Cold Garden (#sponsored?), Vegan Lychee Rose from Village Ice Cream, Cereal at 2 am

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