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  • Beat Chaser, Throwback Lover, Smile Seeker, Positive Vibes Gal, Joyful Joker, Avocado Addict, Dog Lover

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I am inspired by the connection and energy a room can build when a bunch of strangers get on a bike and push themselves together as one team. In no time, strangers become friends, and together everyone feeds off of their positive energy in order to push themselves and achieve what they came for. For some, coming to a class is to get a good sweat and to jam out to some good beats. For others, it is fifty minutes to themselves and to celebrate or forget about a good or bad day they've had. No matter what the reason, you can tell every single person in the Bikergang felt a connection with themselves, the room, and their bike.


Being overly obsessed with my dog. Adventuring. Trying new restaurants. Being with the people I love. Mixed in between all that - Spin (obviously).

All the seafood chowder, Avocado Toast, Carbs, Carbs, and more Carbs. Gingerale.

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