Emily Cheffins

  • Professional High Diver
  • Former D1 Athlete
  • Life Liver
  • Love Lover
  • Happy on Purpose

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Inspired by

I’m inspired by the platform YYC Cycle has given me to connect and build relationships with people who share a common goal.

This community has uplifted me since my very first visit. I've been encouraged and motivated to be fearless, limitless, and resilient.

Everyday I am grateful for my body and good health. I can move, improve, challenge, and surprise myself.

Whether the 1st class or the 100th, a good day or bad, the Bikergang is committed to health and betterment. I'm excited and privileged by a rider’s decision to spend an hour with me.


Laughing, Exercising, Traveling, Trying new things, Meeting new people

Hamburgers, Bananas, Ice cream, Tacos, Breakfast

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Marda Loop | Kensington

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