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The collective energy that I get to share with the bikergang as we push boundaries and create new opportunities for change.

Music is my life and my career. The tracks I choose are often for a very specific reason. I might choose a song to peak your interest, target a particular move on the bike, strengthen an area of the body, test your endurance, and get you to deepen that mind-body connection. Even when the hustle happens, the right music can encourage introspection and when we examine our own processes, we can keep what is helping us, and ditch what is no longer serving us.

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Eating, writing and making music, hanging with friends, spinning, barre, drinking a good bottle of vino, cooking, gardening, all things dogs, traveling, dressing up and going out!

Legit Mexican cuisine like Native Tongues or El Chorritto, mini chicken burger at Donna Mac, bacon, potato chips, a good Chenin Blanc, Earl Grey Tea Latte, cheese, medjool dates stuffed with PB.

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