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  • Friends Don’t Let Friends 4 Putt
  • No Friends on a Powder Day
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I'm inspired by the energy that is created when a room full of individuals works together as one powerful force. Each and every person that comes to my class has a reason for being there and a purpose behind coming to class. They all have individual goals they want to achieve and no matter what those goals look like, how lofty they are, or what it will take to achieve them, everyone comes to YYC to conquer them together. One Team...One Army...

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Golf, Baseball, Tennis, Shredding fresh Pow, Stampede, Hanging with my dog Frank, Taking my wife Dancing, Singing wildly off-key, Masters Weekend & Superbowl

Wendy's Spicy Chicken Burgers, DQ Blizzards, Panago Pizza, Japanese Whiskey, Patio Beers, California Cabs, Single Malt Scotch, Made by Marcus, Mexican, Italian Everything, Tantalizing Thai Food, Nana's Matzah Ball Soup

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