Alena Barke

  • Animal Lover
  • Dog Mom
  • Chef
  • Beat Seeker
  • True Gemini

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Inspired by

A beautiful sunrise or sunset, little victories, the ability to change someone’s day and put a smile on their face. A song that reminds you of a perfect moment. Everything around me is inspiring. I want to be able to share my passion for YYC cycle with others, and build a supportive community of amazing people that come from all walks of life. Always be inspired by what’s around you! Catching someone smiling for no reason, a heavy beat drop... anything that makes your heart feel full. Love everything - never stop being awesome.

Oh... and my dog.


Spin/bike, dance battling my dog, anything culinary, live shows (when we were allowed), being out in nature, napping, being over dramatic

Ramen, Wine, Lasagna, Charcuterie, Sour Candy

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Marda Loop | Kensington

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