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What Your Star Sign Says About Your Spin Personality

Have you ever wondered if there is a force stronger than yourself compelling you to sit in the back row, a reason that a ‘WOO’ escapes your mouth before you even think about it or that you crave a pat on the back at the end of class?

Whether you believe that your fate is written in the stars or you just find nostalgia in flipping to the back of a magazine to read your horoscope, we can all learn a little something about ourselves through our star signs.

Find out what your star sign says about your spin personality and decide whether you are the black sheep of your horoscope or if the astrological stars align!




You fiery soul, young-at-heart, party bring the heat to every class and you couldn’t give a care in the world if people see you get sweaty because you know you look HOT! Aries are always looking for a challenge, you like to push yourself and your limits, those 10 turn tracks give you LIFE and you fight as hard as you can when the motivator tells you to challenge the beat.

Most likely to: Try out to be a Motivator

Loves: Interval tracks that compete by row / side

Most likely to dislike: A class with very few beat drops




You know how to enjoy the finer things in life which means when the merch fills up with new items you are ON TOP of it and when we got the new bikes in it might have well been your birthday! Like a bull you operate at two speeds, relaxed and charging; but you don’t like it when things change suddenly. Those climb races are a nightmare to you, but a climb followed by a race? Pure GOLD!

Most likely to: Stay loyal to their favourite Motivator

Loves: A heavy climb

Most likely to dislike: When the motivators switch classes last minute




You love people. Talking to people, partying with people, and obviously spinning with people! You drag as many friends as you can to class with you and talk right up until you hit that first race at FULL speed! If you feel like you’ve got at least two personalities firing you up at all times, that’s the twin sign in you talking, you can flip from loving a heavy hover to smiling through one of those Andrew 7 minute weight tracks because you are always give your all. 

Most likely to: Take a post spin selfie with the Motivator

Loves: Team teaches

Most likely to dislike: a class with a lot of one type of track




 You are full of heart, making sure that those around you feel loved and appreciated, it’s no wonder that you handing out high fives and hugs left and right around the studio. Your sensitivity has you in your feels when the lights go off and it’s just you and the music, maybe you even get a bit teary if it’s a song you really love or the motivators words hit home.

Most likely to: Give a loving shoulder squeeze rather than a back pat

Loves: Spinning with their family

Most likely to dislike: When their favourite bike is already taken




Drama could be your middle name but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, on the bike your not only ready to show off how good you look when you hover but your also the first to offer a water bottle cheers to EVERY person in arms reach. You love being the centre of attention and will never be satisfied unless your sitting front row and centre, eye to eye with the motivator.


Most likely to: Be the one to beat for most ‘woos’ in class

Loves: being called out in class by the Motivator

Most likely to dislike: When a class time starts late




Your analytical mind is great at finding the beat in class because you never miss a cue from the motivator and even when there isn’t a cue you JUST know what you’re supposed to do. Sometimes your need for perfection can get in your own way, try to relax into the beat by channeling your sharp mind into how well you are killing your workout! Virgos also feel the need to serve others, making you the best person for people to come to for advice about class or give a new rider a helping hand.


Most likely to: Sit in the back where they can watch everything

Loves: A jog with a strong beat and fun choreography

Most likely dislike: When a motivator lies to you about how long is left in a track




You live your life with a passion for balance in all things, including spin! A class with equal number of heavy tracks to fast ones is your ideal and so is a class with a motivator who not only yells at you to turn up your dial but can speak to your soul. You don’t like to be rushed in life (which inevitably includes spin) and love a good shoulder stretch between tracks to catch some air and get ready to KILL the next track.


Most likely to: Be the last one out of the spin room

Loves: A 2-set climb race

Most likely to dislike: A class with a lot of one type of track




You are a POWERHOUSE, you love to push boundaries and thrive in the dark, so you better believe when the lights go down you are pushing yourself harder than you have ever pushed yourself before. Your style may be high-intensity but that also means that you treat your loyalties to those you love with the same type of passion, you never ‘cheat’ on your favourite class and put full trust in the motivator to lead you through a BOMB class.


Most likely to: Check in with the motivator if they seem like they are having a tough day

Loves: A dark fast climb

Most likely to dislike: Being called out in class




Free spirited, wild and keen for adventure, you are always optimistic about what class will bring you! Whether you are trying a new motivator or the MO says it’s the hardest class they have ever taught you are READY! You love big open spaces so skip Kensington and head to Avenida where you can spread your spin wings and fly. You have goals that can touch the sky and even if you aren’t up at the 5 pound weight yet you can see those weights in your hand in the near future because there is no failure, just progress!


Most likely to: Try a new motivator every week

Loves: A class with a lot of HIIT tracks

Most likely to dislike: Spinning to the same playlist twice




Our old-soul, you know that the best things in life only come after you’ve fought for them. You want to work hard and play by the rules, you know that the motivators have a formula for your BEST workout and your ready to put your fitness goals to the test. While you know the value of hard work you also know how to play hard, you’re the first out of class handing out the biggest high five to the MO and talking up a storm with the Crew because you’ve worked to not enjoy yourself afterwards.


Most likely to: invite their friends out for post-spin eats

Loves: A heavy climb followed by a fast race

Most likely to dislike: A class where they don’t sweat as much as they usually do




You like to get a little weird and we mean that in the best way possible! You love hearing new songs in class that are nothing like the music on the top charts and new choreography is the stuff of dreams to you! While you love doing things your own way you’re a FAB team player and the social butterfly in the room, making sure that everyone in the studio feels like they are at home!


Most likely to: Keep holding a challenging move even when the MO gives you a break

Loves: Cheering on your fellow riders while riding in teams

Most likely to dislike: A whole class of current pop songs




The sensitive soul, the dreamer, the intuitive friend. You’re pulled in two directions, out of reality and into a hyper awareness of what’s around you. You THRIVE in class when the music is loud and takes over your body, but you are also the first to notice when a fellow Bikergang is offbeat near you and you hope that by making your own motions defined it will help them catch on. This compassion also compels you to make sure everyone gets the cheers or bat pack they deserve at the end of class.


Most likely to: close their eyes for the whole class

Loves: Pumps and dips that get you dancing on the bike

Most likely to dislike: When the motivator doesn’t prompt for a back pat


Whether you are the perfect Pisces or the rebel of the Scorpios it’s fun to take a look into what makes you tick on the bike and (hopefully) laugh a little along the way! Tell us whether you feel read by these star signs or what sign feels most like you!