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Hey YYC, we're beyond excited to announce that YYC Cycle will be opening its fourth studio in Calgary’s newest community -- University District. The plan for this Northwest development is one built through community and we couldn't be more excited about our Summer 2020 opening.




The University District will be the first community in Alberta achieving LEED ND Platinum status. It’s comprehensive; offering 200-acres of all the amenities, best-in-class services and experiences you want for your urban lifestyle. One of the exciting aspects of the University District is that with Market Mall, the Children’s Hospital, Foothills Hospital, and the University all within a 5-minute drive, this area represents the biggest daytime population in Calgary outside of downtown.


Our crew member Elly Strother works as a nurse and says going to spin is one of her favourite things to do after a long day or night at work. “It’s sometimes hard to know how to wind down and process all that you may have seen and felt on shift, and spin is a place where I can go and just turn off my working mind, and just get lost in the music, lights, and words the motivators are saying.”


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Strother often can only make it to a spin class at the current studios if she leaves work right on time, which in her case is often rare. But she says with a new University District studio it will make it much easier for her to start or end her day in a positive and uplifting way.


Look out NW, we’re coming for you!