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With JUNE 19TH being right around the corner, we could not be more excited to re-connect with our community and get back on the bike. We've been on a mission to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for everyone who enters our doors. We cannot wait to ride with you, Bikergang! 

Re Opening Comm 15 15Class Passes 

  • Riders on an unlimited or contract pass prior to closing will have their passes automatically reactivated. We will add back the days since our closure on March 16th and they will be reactivated for use as of June 12th. 5, 10, 20 passes don’t expire and can still be used at any time. If you’re having trouble with a pass, please call into a studio. 

  • If you are not able or ready to come back, please call and we will put your pass on hold. 

Booking a Ride

  • All bikes will be available to book starting this Friday, June 12th. 

Re Opening Comm 6

Sign up in Advance 

  • With only 16 - 18 bikes in the room, we are expecting high demand for the bikes and as such we suggest that pour riders sign up in advance online. Download the Mindbody App, or our own YYC Cycle or YEG Cycle branded app to register for a class. 

Class time adjustments 

  • Class time adjustment to allow for deep clean and sanitization of the studio before and after each class - please double check your class time before you sign up! 

New Riders 

  • You will still need to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of a class in order to ride.

  • New riders will receive a demo of how to set-up their bike at the start of each class led by the Motivator instructing from the front of the class. 

  • New riders will still need to sign a waiver form.

 Re Opening Comm 2

Respect Social Distancing

  • We will be indicating social distancing in the studios through floor markers and wayfinding signage. 

  • Air High-fives only! :) 


Re Opening Comm 4 

Bikergang Health Checklist

  •  When you are checking into a class, our front of house staff will make sure you’ve read and completed the Bikergang Safety Checklist! 

 Re Opening Comm 11

Amendment to Waitlist Policy 

  • If you are on the waitlist for a class, call in advance or arrive to see your spot on the waitlist. If you are 3-5 from the top of the list, we ask that you show up and wait outside until 5 minutes before class when we will inform you that we have a spot open.


Amendment to the Late-Cancelation Policy 

  • The late cancelation policy will only apply to no-shows. If you are experiencing symptoms, please call and we’ll be happy to remove you from the class at any time prior to it starting. 


Re Opening Comm 12

No More Bike-Map: First Come, First Served Bikes 

  • Upon arriving and checking into class, you will be able to walk directly to the spin room to select your bike. 

Re Opening Comm 7

BYOT: Bring your own sweat towel

  • We have eliminated studio towels as one of our common touchpoints, please bring your own to the studio if you wish to use one. 

BYOW: Bring your own water

  • We strongly suggest all riders bring water bottles full and ready to go prior to entering the studios to limit the use of our water fountains.

  • Bottled water will still available for sale, but riders will be asked to take out of the fridge themselves. 

 Re Opening Comm 8

Limited Studio Amenities 

  • No showers, towels, or change rooms or lockers will be available. All riders must bring belongings into the room with them. 

  • We’ve reduced the number of toilets to one per studio for the purpose of being able to thoroughly sanitize them --- toilets WILL be available for emergency use only. 

  • Removal of all high-touch items (dubble bubble, ear plugs, all accessories and beauty products in bathrooms) 

  • Hair elastics behind the front desk. Ear plugs beside the podium and packaged.


  • Until further notice, all merchandise will be only available online.


Re Opening Comm 3 


Hand Sanitizer

  • Two dispensers in each studio - one up front upon entry and one mounted outside wall 

  • One bottle in each bathroom, one behind the desk for staff, one on podium for each motivator 


Studio + Bike Sanitization 

  • All of our cleaning products used in the studio are of the highest grade and have proven effectiveness in cleaning and disinfecting viruses like COVID-19. All cleaning solutions will be used at 100% concentration. DIN #’s of all products are approved by Health Canada.

  • Each bike will be thoroughly cleaned between each class by our staff in the 40 minute - 1 hour extended time window between each class. 

  • During the class, all bikes will be spaced out exactly 3 meters apart from each other. 

  • Single-use biodegradable spin wipes will be available for you to wipe down your bike prior to your ride, should you like to use them.

  • All knobs, handles, benches, and common touch areas will be wiped down between each class.

  • COMING SOON: Sanitization guns with electrostatic distribution have been ordered to allow for faster deep cleaning of the studio.


Shoe Sanitization

  • All shoes will be deep cleaned and rotated so they are never worn two classes in a row. 

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How many classes I can take per week? 

  • Bikergang are still allowed to spin 7 days per week.

  • All riders are still able to take back-to-back classes. 

  • IF a rider does a double class, they must remove all of their items so the staff can sanitize the room properly between classes. 


How is the air exchanged within the spin room? 

  • Our HVAC systems are up to code to allow a MAX occupancy of 50 people in each spin room. Having less than ⅓ that occupancy ensures safe riding for all of our riders since all air entering the room is coming directly from the outdoors.

  • We will be eliminating the use of fans in classes to promote proper air exchange from inside the room to fresh air outside. 


Will there still be a weight track in class?

  • Yes, we will have a weight track in class. There will be a set of 2 and 3-pound weights stored behind each bike for riders to choose which they prefer. Weight bins will be removed from the spin rooms to eliminate the common touchpoint area. ALL weights will be cleaned both by the rider and by the staff in between classes.