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You hear his name every week... But really, who is Carlo Miranda? 

There's no better way to kick off our crew spotlight series than with one of our best and brightest. The man - the smile - the giggle - the pillar and reason for so much joy in our company. Here are some fast facts about Carlo: 

+ Favourite food: sushi.

+ Can be found: at YYC Cycle doing a double, watching a show on Netflix or reading a book.

+ Inspired by: laughter, happiness and positivity. 

+ Spirit animal: a panda because of their gentleness and ability to be comfortable in any environment.


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YYC: Why do you love working at YYC Cycle? 

CARLO: You know, every time I go to spin or work I get really excited. One of the main things I love is the authenticity of everyone. Especially the people on my team that I get to work with.

YYC: What were your first impressions of YYC Cycle?

CARLO: The first time I tried this place I couldn’t walk for three days, and then I bought the intro pack and used it twice. It took me a year to get back into it and when I did I got really hardcore. My motivation was trying to be healthy physically and mentally, it really became my moving meditation. It allows me to focus on the beats and the music and forget about everything else. I got to reserve time for myself. 

YYC: What does “community” mean to you?

CARLO: Community for me is when people come together to achieve a common goal. My goal when I’m here is to provide happiness to people, and YYC shares that same value. 

YYC: What does being a leader mean to you?

CARLO: Being a leader for me is the ability to not just lead people but to work behind them. If I am going to be a leader I am not just going to delegate a task, but I am going to do it with you. I push people to improve themselves. First, I want to be a follower and then lead people through that. A true leader works in the shadows. Leaders are the people who work with people and push them forward to reach their goal. 


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(Yes, that's right, we made shirts with his face on them.)


YYC: And how do you cultivate happiness? What makes up your happiness recipe? 

CARLO:  I dunno, I just love people. I love meeting new friends and socializing. Being able to help people, socialize and connect makes me happy. Especially here, this is where I love being - we have built this space where people are more inclusive and happy to be here all the time, and it’s just one of the reasons I want to be here all the time. This is my home. 

YYC: What is your superpower? 

CARLO: I have the ability to really connect with people. I am not pretending to be anyone other than myself and it allows me to get to know someone in a different way. I can learn peoples names quickly … and their shoe size. ;)  

YYC: What are you grateful for?

CARLO: My health, first and foremost. My friends and family. The place that I am right now, this place, YYC Cycle, my home. 


If you want to keep up with Carlo outside the studio you can find him on Instagram @carloluigimiranda but as always, you will find him inside the studio, memorizing your shoe size.


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