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YYC Motivator Andrew Boyce on Men's Health & Rockin' a 'Stache


Andrew Boyce is a newer face on the YYC Cycle motivator podium, but his captivating personality and commitment to his own health and helping Bikergang reach their goals has quickly made him a fan favourite. Andrew is currently rocking a moustache for one more day as Movember comes to a close, we chatted to talk all things mental health and moustache!


YYC: How do you stay healthy physically and mentally?

ANDREW: I try not to take myself too seriously, but I love to exercise - so I try to make sure that I keep some sort of routine, not anything that is really written down or set in stone, just making sure to get moving on the daily! Before moving here, I was running a lot in Victoria, but when I moved here it got really cold, and I had just paid for a big moving expense, so the intro to spin was something that I really connected with. And since then that’s mainly how I stay healthy physically. I’ve also got into climbing recently and still find time to run outside a bit and ski/snowboard in the winter!

As far as mental health goes, I am very easily caught up on nitty gritty little details and it is a good thing in a lot of ways, because it means I am very detail oriented, but it is tough on my mental health because it means that I can get really caught up in small stuff, and get stressed out easily. Spin has been great because although you are in a big group of people and have the motivation from the motivator on the podium, you can really easily get in your own solo headspace because it is loud and dark. It’s a great place for reflection.

I have found in my life that a hard workout can be a great thing to focus on when something else is overwhelming you. You can focus, take your mind off of what is bothering you and focus on the exercise, and spin is cool because it pushes you into that zone because it is so loud and rhythmic.


YYC: Do you feel there is a stigma around men’s health?

ANDREW: I do. I think it’s changing a lot. For guys, I think that the ‘can gets kicked down the road’. I played a lot of sports growing up. I know that in that ‘macho’ environment, it is a bit of a cliche to say men’s health is stigmatized - but it is a cliche because it’s mostly true, it is a ‘kick the can down the road’ mentality, if it isn’t a big serious thing - something physical or gruesome - then it doesn’t really get talked about.

But, I think that is changing, even in the past five or six years - maybe it is because I am getting older - but I am noticing that amongst my close guy friends, we talk about our health, we care about each other, we check in. Conversations around mental health in particular have become more out in the open, so people are checking in with their friends, even their seemingly happy and healthy friends. I think there is still some stigma but I think we are heading in the right direction.


YYC: In your opinion, who rocks a moustache the best? 

ANDREW: Adrien Brody has a good moustache, it is a nice thin one. I am not crazy about the Burt Reynolds, maybe because my moustache isn’t there yet so I need a more modest realistic moustache.

*We later googled Adrien Brody’s moustache and turns out he actually has more of a beard, and when he does have only a moustache, it’s kind of bad*


YYC: What does it take to rock a moustache?

ANDREW: The first shave is really the scary one, especially as a blonde guy, you aren’t really sure if anyone is going to notice so you spend the whole day trying to show it off, make sure people know that it is for Movember, and that I am not just this gross unkempt person - so for the first few weeks that is the real confidence tester. You just have to have fun with it, just know that it is only a month - and you are going to take some heat, but it is worth it.


YYC: How has being a motivator changed your outlook or journey with Men’s health?

ANDREW: Motivating has helped me a lot with consistency. I am really competitive, so I used to try something out and then go after it until I thought I was the best I could possibly be at it, while getting totally distracted from the other exercise I used to do, and then move on. Spin has been really good for seeing all the different layers of the journey of physical and mental health.

It is cool being on the other side now and helping other people with their journey. One of the things I talk about in class a lot is that you are building something, maybe your theoretical dreamhouse, and I say some days you are doing the heavy lifting - like the foundation and framing - and other days you are painting the walls or hanging paintings, and that point in the journey is where you feel confident in your physical health and you are just checking in. It is fun to be a part of other people’s journeys, whether they are doing the nitty gritty tough stuff and just starting to set goals or they are at the point of maintaining their health goals.


YYC: Who has inspired you to stay healthy?

ANDREW: One of my main inspirations is actually my parents. They are incredibly health focused people, and they exercise because they want to treat their bodies well, and also because they love it - they have found something they love. I think they are the people that really motivate me, and I see what they can do at their age and they still enjoy it. So I always try to take part in activities and exercise communities that I find joy in.


YYC: If you had the opportunity to steal Jordan Smuszko’s moustache or keep your own, what would you do?

ANDREW: I am a goal setting guy, I like to work towards my own goals, so I am just hoping mine gets there. Although, I wouldn’t mind swapping with him for a day just to see how it feels - you know, walk a mile in his moustache.


- - - 

Although Movember is coming to a close, you can always donate and support Men’s health initiatives by clicking here.