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NEW MOs OF 2019

Hey 2019, we're loving you. Say hello to some fresh new faces soon to hit the bike at the end of the month. 


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Janelle Langhan

Nickname: Jay

Music Type: Rap and R&B, 90s Rap especially: Dr. Dre, Eminem and Snoop Dogg, and the new stuff like Logic and French Montana

Her why: Everyone comes here for a reason and I want to help people get what they want out of class. If they're here for a killer workout, let's do it. If there's something their struggling with, then let’s work through it. Take that 50 minutes for yourself.


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Victoria Pate

Nickname: Vic, Tori

Music Type: Trap music.

Her why: As soon as I walked into this space a felt apart of the community and I want to recreate that for someone else. I want to give back what I have received from this incredible place. 


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Tamara Green

Nickname: Tam

Music Type: Dance, a little hip-hop and R&B and Classic Rock.

Her why: I want to create a positive impact on the lives of the Bikergang and give back all that they've given to me!


 IMG 0012

Candice Bombardier

Nickname: Candy

Music Type: House, Dance music

Her why: I wanted to be a Motivator to be able to give someone an hour and escape everything else and be there for themselves. I want to give off happy vibes, good energy and change someone's day.


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Talia Derby

Nickname: Tal

Music Type: Everything! Tons of throw-backs. 

Her why: For the sense of community building. I want to help and inspire people to be their best.



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Kaylee Phipps

Nickname: Kay

Music Type: I really love hip hop.

Her why:  To give back to this community that has given me so much.


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Kat Koger

Nickname: Just Kat 

Music Type: 90s pop punk and alternative

Her why: When I think about YYC Cycle - the first word that comes to mind is GROWTH, and how much this community has allowed me to grow over the last few years. I am so excited to continue to develop within this amazing community, make myself vulnerable, and hopefully use this platform to push someone else to realize their full growth potential. I am so excited to evolve in an entirely different way with the Bikergang.