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MO Hustlers: Life Outside the Spin Room



Our Motivators come from all backgrounds and careers, and every single one of them brings something unique from what they do, into the studio and onto the bike! This week we are giving snaps to some of the hustlers of YYC Cycle and their incredible businesses! 


‘Hustlers’ is another way (our preferred one TBH) of saying butt-kicking entrepreneurs, and our MOs share the drive, determination, and creativity that they are known for. If you haven’t heard about these amazing companies already, you are missing out on some local YYC gold and we suggest you keep reading to hit the jackpot!

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Allison Long - The Long Project



The Long Project was created to bridge the gap between public relations, marketing, and customer experience. We take a deep dive into businesses that are launching into a new phase, releasing a new product, or opening for the first time. Once we know the story that needs to be told, we find the best ways to tell it to the right audience. At the same time, we ensure that each facet of the customer experience matches that story. This is what we believe creates a long-term impact and customer loyalty.

The ability to work from anywhere is a huge perk, of course. I also love the flexibility and freedom I have to create something I'm truly passionate about. I get to build relationships with people who blow me away with their stories and determination. To then have the opportunity to help them succeed is a huge privilege!



Ash Toby - GOATcuterie.



GOATcuterie is a cheesy business my partner, Billy, and I started this summer. We love cheese, so naturally we were excited to begin curating different charcuterie pairings and products for those around us. Based in Calgary, locally sourced, and guess what... we deliver!

Being an "entrepreneur" (or Cheese Connoisseur) is an outlet for creativity to me. I love painting, writing and illustrating, but I don't share those outlets with many people. So having a couple of small businesses where I can create and design everything from start to finish ends up being more of a release than a grind. Even with the learnings, the trials, and the long days, it's worth every minute!


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Marin Mccue - dope(a)me



dope(a)me is my baby. It is my platform for inspiring, teaching, guiding, learning and coaching in the realm of mental health strength training. It was created from a passion that arose from overcoming my own personal mental health struggles. I realized that I am not alone in the immense darkness and debilitating sense of lack that mental health afflictions can create, and if I can overcome 20 years of struggle, anyone can. dope(a)me signifies the importance of understanding how your mind and body works, how to elevate your happiness baseline, and the importance of recognizing that it is a unique and personalized journey for each person.

What I love about being an entrepreneur? The sense of freedom and creativity! Nothing works if I don’t work. I get to choose my schedule, I hold myself accountable, and I get to decide where to continually invest my energy. It has not been easy, and there have been some dark days of self-doubt, but every time I consider working for someone else, I redirect my energy and recognize that I need to reinvest in myself and keep going! I wouldn’t trade this for anything!


Christine Leskun 

Christine Leskun - Lifelet


Christine Leskun is a group benefits, retirement and wellness broker and consultant. She started in this field over 13 years ago and has had some incredible clients throughout her career, one such client being Facebook! She started her own company at the beginning of 2018 called Enlightened Benefits Consulting. In her role in partnering with organizations, she has greatly focused on the importance of wellness strategies, starting with mental health. Christine believes that in order to achieve strong mental health, you need to learn to love your life story. In her passion for people’s mental health, she began her journey in creating Lifelet Corp. Lifelet Corp. is a bracelet company that creates luxury beaded bracelets holding a powerful meaning to each owner.

The company’s flagship product being the LIFELET (your LIFE on a braceLET). Think of this bracelet as a meaningful tattoo. Her customers select symbols to be engraved on the beads of the bracelet. These symbols representing her customer’s life story. Each bracelet purchase also gives a $4 donation to the Canadian Mental Health Association. She launched the company less than a year ago and it’s already having a huge impact in Calgary and it has filtered out to every province in the country (and even the USA!). Lifelet is also being brought into corporations as a part of wellness initiatives and Christine has massive plans on where she wants to take the company in the next few years. Her main goal overall: To positively impact and empower each and every customer!

“It’s NOT just a bracelet”!


To find out more about our Motivators, what makes them tick and why you you should take a spin in their classes, take a browse around our motivators page !! Look out for our next blog feature on life outside the spin room with our Motivators!