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MO Faces for Your Fall

If you’ve seen some fresh new faces on the podium you’ve already gotten a chance to meet our amazing new fall motivators! If you haven’t had a chance to run into them, keep reading to find out what inspires our new additions to the Motivator team.

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Marda Loop & Avenida | @elise_stifter98

Coffee Addict. Memory of a Goldfish. Sleep Talker. The Sarcastic Friend. Obnoxiously Loud.


What are you inspired by?

What inspires me is change. It can be so much easier to stick with “the usual”, what you’ve always been doing because that’s where we’ve become comfortable. Creating change and going against the current requires you to make yourself vulnerable. Doing so takes immense strength and courage. Whether it be voicing your opinion, trying something new, or getting back into a workout routine, it takes a push. There's fear associated with change but there is also so much beauty. I want to foster a community in which that fear is both embraced and faced head-on. I believe that if we open our minds to change we will find an infinite amount of potential. SO, embrace that fear.. because it means you're about to do something great.


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Marda Loop & Avenida | @kduubs

Life Lover. Forever Student. Dog Mom. Adventure Seeker. Authentic Relationship Advocate. Coffee Drinking Devotee. 

What are you inspired by?

By commitment to self growth. By vulnerability. By authenticity. By leaning into failure. By pushing boundaries. By stepping into a world a discomfort. By real connection. By showing up for self. It's those moments on the bike--when you allow yourself opportunity to lean in to any one of these--that inspires me. Because, at the end of the day, that is what life is all about; it's about how you show up for yourself. Lean in. Find growth.


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Kensington and Avenida | @kyergens_

Beat Chaser, Throwback Lover, Smile Seeker, Positive Vibes Gal, Joyful Joker, Avocado Addict, Dog Lover


What are you inspired by?

I am inspired by the connection and energy a room can build when a bunch of strangers get on a bike and push themselves together as one team. In no time, strangers become friends, and together everyone feeds off of their positive energy in order to push themselves and achieve what they came for. For some, coming to a class is to get a good sweat and to jam out to some good beats. For others, it is fifty minutes to themselves and to celebrate or forget about a good or bad day they've had. No matter what the reason, you can tell every single person in the Bikergang felt a connection with themselves, the room, and their bike.

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Kensington | @Morgangomezz

spin addict, food lover, coffee addict, sassy pants, hot sauce connoisseur


What are you inspired by?

I am inspired by the people that walk through the doors at YYC Cycle everyday. Any individual that enters the studio, whether they know it or not, becomes a part of a like-minded community. Despite their busy lives, these people are coming in and sweating it out. They chose to impact their lives and bodies in a positive way. Although not everyone is fighting the same battle, each member of the Bikergang has their own personal struggles and forms of motivation. Having these individuals in one room is a very powerful thing and I’m so happy I can be there rocking it out on a bike with them!

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Kensington and Avenida  | @tramdoingthingz

I’ve never met a French fry that I didn’t like 

What are you inspired by?

Inspired by people and their courage. Courage to share their stories, courage to be their unequivocal self, and courage to pivot when faced with the challenges of life. There is nothing more rewarding than someone sharing a little piece of their life with me whether good or bad, because there is just something so beautiful when we can all connect on a deeper level.