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YYC & YEG Are Facing Off For Movember!

Today officially marks the start of Movember, easily the hairiest month of the year. We can't wait to see all the facial haired support for men's health and If you want to help us raise money in support of Movember keep reading!

 This month, our amazing motivators Andrew Boyce (YYC) and Ryan Ocol (YEG) are facing off to see who can raise the most money and grow the best 'stache for Movember. The ambassador with the least amount raised will have to dye their 'stache ORANGE for 24hrs on November 29th!


Meet Your YYC Ambassador, Andrew Boyce!!

Copy of yycfallshoota 29

He needs your help to raise money for Movember and keep his mustache 'Patch' from an orange fate.

 Why are you choosing to face off for Movember?

It’s a great opportunity to raise a bit of dough for a good cause. It’s also a chance for me to share my experience, be vulnerable and open about my own mental & physical health, and promote guys being able to talk to each other, or to anyone really, about tough stuff that’s happening in their lives whether that’s mental or physical. This is going to sound a bit cheesy, but hey! It’s just time we open up, soften a bit, and just be real about the hard stuff that lots of us face, have faced, and will continue to face, hopefully from here on out we’ll be able to face it together.

Why should people vote for your mustache?

Look… it’s gonna be a tough grow for me, I’m blonde, so why not root for an underdog!

What’s your mustache name?
Even at age 30, I’m guessing Patch might be a suitable name, but I’m open to suggestions as it comes into its own.

What’s your mustaches greatest fear?
December 1st.


Look out for our 'stache updates on our social channels and Movember activities in the studios! 

Donate and support Movember, Andrew, and your city!