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8 Spin Mantras to Help You Smash your 2020 Goals

New year, new motivation! Because you don't need a new you -- the one you've been your whole life is SO amazing -- you might just need some daily inspiration to help smash the goals you're setting for the next year!

Goals are personal and we know you've got a ton of your own locked in for 2020, that's why we are giving you 8 spin mantras to help you keep those goals and remind you how awesome you are!


1. Stronger than yesterday

IMG 194


2. Life has its up and downs, we call them pumps and dips

IMG 0651


3. Yes, you can!



4. Prove the haters wrong

IMG 9766


5. If you can spin for 50 minutes, you can do anything


6. Admit it, you're dope!



7. You're going the right way even if you can't see the road ahead

IMG 0415


8. Celebrate the small victories, like making it through the weight track

Screen Shot 2019 12 31 at 4.36.24 PM


We can't wait to see you rock out on the bike and in life Bikergang, we know you've got this! 2020, we are ready for you!