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2019 You Brought the Fire Riding for our Amazing GIVE’Rs!

Throughout the year you have nominated, voted and supported our four incredible GIVE’R  charities and it is time to celebrate the incredible impact that you, our Bikergang, have made on our local community this year!

We have introduced to you our four charities over the year, but let’s have a little recap of who you were riding for in 2019 before we reveal the grand total you raised for them!


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HIV Community Link

HIV Community Link supports people who are living with or are at risk of HIV and hepatitis C. They not only offer harm reduction programs to help vaccinate, educate, and provide the necessary tools to these communities but also give non-judgmental support to populations in Calgary and Southeastern Alberta.

Addressing the stigma around HIV can be challenging and often has an impact on people’s willingness to get tested and access treatment. HIV Community Link helps communities feel comfortable having conversations about HIV.

Donations to HIV Community Link go towards operating their program and always towards the greatest need at the time. That means your rides this year may have gone towards helping people have access to healthy meals as HIVCL’s local kitchen, providing testing to at-risk communities, and even towards vaccines as well!




Parachutes for Pets

 Parachutes for Pets provides subsidized pet care for low-income Calgarians, often helping to save a pet’s life when funds and not the ability to treat the pet’s health becomes the issue.

Providing everything from necessary medications for pets with chronic conditions, grooming, matt removal, nail trims, and emergency vet visits, Parachutes for Pets wants to keep Pets and their families healthy and together. 

Your rides went towards these provisions and it makes our heart smile knowing you helped keep some furry family members in the arms of those they love!


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Easter Seals Alberta 

 Easter Seals Alberta is dedicated to giving Albertans living with disabilities life-long tools and resources to be unstopABLE by providing services that foster inclusion, independence, and recreation.

Their programs include summer camps, consumer education and funds for disability solutions among many other incredible initiatives. Bikergang, that means that when you were riding for Easter Seals Alberta, you were riding to help individuals go to one of their favourite places ever, Camp Horizon, as well as critically needed equipment and scholarship programs. 


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Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families

Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families provide support, resources, and opportunities in order to light up the lives of children and families in the community by sharing knowledge and hope to those living with cerebral palsy and similar neuromotor disabilities.

CP Kids and Families provide family support, counseling, kid’s summer camps, and music and movement therapy, as well as their flagship program that provides members of their community with an opportunity to find their child a bike that meets all of their physical needs.

Don’t know about you, but we can’t think of a much better way for your rides to help create an impact, Bikergang!


The Grand Total!!

 Over 2019 you have raised over $75k between YYC and YEG for these amazing local charities by riding in our weekly GIVE’R classes… THAT’S INCREDIBLE!!! In YYC, from your rides and Core merchandise purchases, each of our GIVE'R charities will be receiving....

$11,495.67 !!!!