Spinning in the New Year.

Oh life.
Thank you
for your beauty.
Thank you
for reminding me
how lucky we are
to be part
of something
so big.

-Tyler Knott Gregson-

Happy January Bikergang!

And just like that, 2017 has landed on our doorstep. With a new year comes promises of new beginnings, new challenges, and ultimately, change. I don’t know about you, but I find change to be one of the most constant and difficult things to embrace. It seems as though life is constantly whirling us around, and trying to tip our usual sense of balance - merely to see if we are paying attention.. and sometimes that means we fall right on our faces. But hey, what’s life without a little tumble now and then? 

Speaking of change, i'm sure you've noticed a variety of new names pop up on the YYC schedule. Please join me in welcoming the Avenida motivators to the bikergang family, (and obviously go check out this beautiful brand new studio!) If you haven't had a chance to book a class at Avenida, then look out for these fresh faces as they sub in at both Marda Loop and Kensington. Also, keep in in mind that as January rolls out, so will an outpouring of new bikergang members. Be nice! Introduce yourself, smile…or perhaps just be willing to meet the eyes of a stranger. Here's an idea, LET’S ALL BE FRIENDS! 

I know that you are already aware of the sign up policy (you are not permitted to cross off a bike for anyone but yourself...and I know that you wouldn't dare bring your phone into the spin room).. but should you need a refresher on all things etiquette-related, please read on!

At YYC Cycle we believe in creating a very positive and safe environment for everyone. Our guidelines help us to achieve this:

At YYC Cycle we believe in creating a very positive environment for our students. Check out our guidelines below:

Shoes. Please take your shoes off at the front door. At check-in, you will be provided with a pair of spin shoes. Please do not wear these shoes outside of the spin room! They are VERY slippery on the concrete floors.

Work. Come ready to work… and get really, really sweaty! If you begin to feel faint or exhausted, slow down (but don’t stop), and wait for the class to finish. In case of emergency, please make eye contact with the Motivator to let them know whether or not you require assistance.

Early. Aim to arrive 15 minutes before class. If you are not in the studio 15 minutes before the start time, your spot will be given to someone on the waitlist.

Appropriate clothing. Make sure you wear clean, appropriate workout attire. As we discovered in grade school… no one likes to be the stinky kid in class.

Talking. Please refrain from talking in the spin room as it is distracting to others ( this includes your cell phone, leave the texting and the instagram for after class please!)

.. and if none of that resonated with you, then I will simply leave you with this...

Go and make interesting mistakes,
make amazing
mistakes, make
glorious and fantastic
mistakes. Break rules.
Leave the world more
interesting for your
being here.

Neil Gaiman
2017, we're ready for you.


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