Motivator Highlight: Dan Halber

On Remembrance Day, we're doing our part to honour those who have fought for our freedom.  This includes our very own Dan Halber.


Here's Dan's story:

I signed my contract when I was 17, and off I went to U.S. Marine Corps boot camp in September of 2008. After 3 months of that, it was back for a short Christmas break and off to infantry school on Camp Pendleton, CA. I spent 9 weeks there, and then was selected to go to the Basic Reconnaissance Course. I spent the following 4 months training through some of the hardest mental and physical challenges of my life. Never the less, it all ended and I was stationed on Camp Pendleton permanently.

Once at my unit, we began training for Afghanistan. In May of 2010, we deployed and spend 9 months over seas. Once returned, I found myself being bounced around the world, wherever the missions took us. The Marines taught me many lessons, built me into the man I am now, gave me friends that are irreplaceable and experiences that cannot be created anywhere else.

Remembrance Day is very close to my heart. It’s a day we can honor all those, past and present, that have served and are serving our country. These men and women put aside their own comforts in order to serve and help people of different nations. Sometimes, they even put their own life on the line, and some pay the ultimate price. Our Canadian lifestyle would not be possible without the sacrifices made years ago. This day is a day of reflection, a day of gratitude and most of all, a day to honour.

We Are The Bikergang: Pat

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When did you first discover YYC CYCLE, and what were your thoughts?

I learned of YYC Cycle a few months after it opened. I was recovering from a trauma knee injury and was looking for a safe cardio workout. I had heard good things about YYC and it was conveniently located so I thought I would check it out. I was warmly welcomed and quickly realized that there was much more to this than just spinning, just as the Mission Statement said. I readily embraced the program and have never looked back. All I had to do was the best I could do each session. I have steadily improved but the challenge continues. The staff and biker gang members have been very supportive. I have fed off of their positive energy and made many friends. I'm hooked!

The YYC CYCLE Bikergang is all about supporting each other and our goals. What are some of your big goals?

I want to continually pursue better fitness and test the bounds on what that can mean! That gives me the energy and resolve to best help people in my work and personal life.

What would you tell people who are wanting to get into spin, but may be afraid to attend a class?

I'd say come and just do your best and don't worry about being negatively judged. You are only competing with yourself and you will be strongly supported. You will be happy with your success and feel you belong right away!

What is your favourite guilty pleasure?

None. I find guilt and pleasure don't go along well together, so I try to avoid that combination