YYC CYCLE EVENT- Save It or Shave It


It is almost a certainty in life that cancer will affect each one of us in some way. Fortunately I myself have not had it but have stood by friends and family as they have battled this terrible disease. It is never easy but comforting to know many services are there to support these individuals and their families. The Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer brings people together to ensure funds for such services are still available. I am fortunate to be a part of a great team of 18 riders and on my 4th ride in 2015.

As an effort to raise more funds for my ride I have decided to leave the fate of my furry face pelt in your hands. Save it or Shave it lets donors vote weather or not I keep the beard, shave it off and too add a little fun I am including the option of moustache or goatee to the mix. By following the link located below and commenting on what the fate of my glorious man mane is will secure your vote. $20 is 1 vote, $50 is 3 votes and $100 is 10 votes.

Sunday March 1st will be the final day to donate up until the charity spin ride at YYC Cycle and after class I will potentially be getting shaved and sporting what you the donors decide for the entire month of March.

To Donate Directly to Josh's Ride To Conquer Cancer Page: CLICK HERE.

YYC CYCLE EVENT- Spin & Goal Setting


Goal-setting has always been a big part of my life. Whether I was declaring that I wanted to be a professional basketball player or save up money for a trip to Disneyland, I knew that shouting it from the roof-tops was the best way to make sure everyone around me knew and could support me, as well as a constant reminder for myself as to why the work I was doing was worth it.

My relationship with goal setting has shifted gradually as I have bumped along life's path. Although I set big goals filled with passion and excitement, I quickly learned that did not guarantee the results I wanted, and it took me years to learn that the real beauty is in the journey, not the destination. As I learned how to bounce-back from "epic fails" by changing my perception on goal setting, I saw the true power in learning resilience. The best parts of being a goal-setter, was that it allowed me to live intentionally, experience new things, and learn a lot about what I truly enjoy.

I have spent the last couple of years digging in deep to figure out what truly lights me up, and what my purpose can be. I have always loved coaching others in finding direction and inspiring people to take leaps, play big, and live life aligned with their values. So that's what I'm creating.

On Sunday February 22, I am leading a 30 minute spin class (6:30pm) to get our blood pumping, and then sitting down for a one hour goal setting session. Join me from 6:30-8:00pm, with a pen and paper, and an open-mind. Allow me to lead you through an evening of aligning yourself with your values and to get your mind expanded into the possibilities that your life has to offer. Register your spot by calling the studio today, or online one week before the event (Monday February 16). Your future-self will thank you for this one!

And for all of you that cannot make this date, I am available for group goals coaching for work or team events/meetings. I will have a website soon, but in the meantime, email me at marin_05@hotmail.com or come chat with me at YYC CYCLE.

We Are the Bikergang- Mike & Jane


When did you first discover YYC CYCLE, and what were your thoughts?

J - The girls at work found out about your September challenge of 15 classes in 1 month. They asked me if I wanted to join them and I thought this was outrageous!! I didn't think I could do it. Turns out I did 16 classes in September and never looked back. The first few classes felt so hard. I hadn't pushed myself that hard in a really long time or maybe ever. A few classes in, the pain turned into fun! Now it's not crazy for me to do 15 classes in 15 days!

M - Jane finally convinced me to get my butt off the couch and join her for a class. I bought the 2 week unlimited, only because Jane convinced me I only had to do 3 classes to get my money out of it. We did the 515pm class with Marin on friday and I remember thinking, "oh god what have I got myself into" during the class. And then after the class I actually left feeling pretty good and happy that I actually did it! So I turned to Jane and said, let's sign up for tomorrow! I ended up doing 13 classes with that pass in the 14 days and have been hooked ever since.

What does being part of the YYC CYCLE Bikergang mean to you?

M - I like the fact that it's something Jane and I can do together in terms of working out. It's nice to go to a place that has such a positive vibe. You can go there after a long day, maybe you are in a bad mood, but being surrounded by such positive energy from people in the class and the motivators, it can completely change how you are feeling. You can walk out of YYC Cycle feeling refreshed and in a different mind set. It's hard to believe that I enjoy getting up for a 6am week day class or even that 8am Sunday class, but that's what the Bikergang does to you!

J- I love the motivation and inspiration you experience at YYC Cycle. You can only leave from your spin class happy! It's been so amazing being able to share this experience with Mike. Everyone involved in the Bikergang helps bring out the positive in each individual. Each motivator brings out such different qualities in yourself and they all help to push you harder. We both also like the community aspect of the Bikergang. From the toy drive at Christmas to the Friday night GIVER class, all are amazing to be a part of.

The YYC CYCLE Bikergang is all about supporting each other and our goals. What are some of your big goals?

M - One of my goals for the summer is to do a 5 km run or two. Jane did a few runs this past summer and there was NO WAY I would have joined her. I can actually say at this point that I know I can join her and I'm actually looking forward to it. A long term goal is to continue with this healthy living kick we are on. I know how easy it can be to slip and get into bad habits, but the big difference this time is we are both in the same mind set. We help to keep each other accountable and on the right track!

J- My goals are very similar to Mike's. I want to continue challenging myself by exceeding my comfort zone. I would like to try different races or exercise classes, that I would have never considered in the past. I want to continue pushing myself and see how far I can go. And of course, I want to also continue this healthy living kick that we have taken on. With the support from Mike, I know we can do it!

What would you tell people who are wanting to get into spin, but may be afraid to attend a class?

J - I would tell them that the first few classes are going to be tough! But keep it up, because every class after that will be tougher than the last, if you want it to be. Spin is all about how hard you make it. A lot of people have asked us if spin has become easier and every time we say no. As long as you are ready to push hard and challenge yourself, it will be amazing. I was in Amelia's class one Sunday and then her Monday class. I came out of the Monday class and said to her, "That was so much harder than yesterday's class". She responded with, "Well that's your fault lady!". I'll never forget those words. It sums up what all of the motivators say, you get what you put into it.

M - I would say you should give it a try, because it works. It takes dedication and hard work, but since I started I've lost quite a bit of weight. With that said, it's a lot of fun as well. It's really hard to stop once you've started. Spin has helped me not only lose weight, but it has also helped change my attitude. I feel a lot more positive and I look at things differently. Basically, if you're looking to make a positive change in your life, spin is a good start.

Last, but not least, what is your favourite guilty pleasure?

M - Bowness Pizza. If you ever go there for pick up, don't let the look of the place fool you, they make delicious, greasy, square pizzas.

J - A pint of Guinness (or 2) from the Kensington Pub. No one pours a finer pint of Guinness! And chocolate chip cookies.


Mike & Jane :)