For the Love of Bike!!

yyc-cycle--blog--josh-suttonHey #YYCBikergang,


There has been a HEAP of interest in our YYC Cycle ride club and I couldn't be more excited. I have always been in love with being on 2 wheels and decided a number of years ago that i wanted to do the Ride to Conquer cancer ( Link ) I signed up, raised the required $2500 to participate and thought I should get a proper bike. The whole experience was intimidating but once I was set and ready to go I just hit the road.

I spent 2.5 months riding by myself, it was only when I showed up the morning of to start the ride I realized how ill prepared I was. I was one in thousands of riders and had never ridden with another person let alone in a pack. Fortunately a ride vs a race is very inviting and the participants are all very accommodating like minded people. I was fortunate to have people pull me on there wheel and teach me some basics, again check the link to read all about it hint hint.

Thats what these rides will be all about, the basics. It a chance for beginners to come together and learn some of the key safety measures to group riding. Along the way we will cover some great roads, different ways to train, nutrition and share in the community and fun that riding with a group brings.

After injury I was invited to join a team of guys who call themselves WBN (Wednesday Beer Night) on the ride again last year and currently we have a growing team of 12 participating again (check us out) We ride together and as you can tell by the name we share pints here and there as well.

To learn more join us Wednesday night at 7:45pm at lululemon Athletica on 4th street. Riding in a group is a lot of fun, its great physically and for me personally I find it mentally beneficial as well. I have made many friends as a result of clipping in and I cant wait to make many more with YYC Cycle Sunday rides.


See you on the road!


Josh Sutton

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