New to spin? No worries! At YYC Cycle, we are here for you. When you walk in the door, you become part of the biker gang. We leave our expectations at home and set our intentions to achieve our goals. If you’re unsure of anything, our Motivators are here to answer questions.


Because we LOVE SPIN so much, we put together an acronym for you!


LoveSpin_LLeave your expectations at the door.

LoveSpin_OOpen your heart and your mind, because we work as a team!

LoveSpin_VVolume! The music will be loud but don’t worry, we have ear plugs if you’re sensitive.

LoveSpin_EEnergy! Keep your energy high and positive.


LoveSpin_SSupport. Our Motivators are here for you so don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have!

LoveSpin_PPositive thoughts.

LoveSpin_IImprovement & intentions. You are here to improve your body and your mind. Set your intentions and the improvement will follow.

LoveSpin_NNiceness. YYC loves nice people. Treat fellow spinners way you would like to be treated and everyone will be a happy family!