Tammara Francis

| Goal Crusher | Believerinhumans | Soultrackdiva | Innerbadass | oldschool |


What motivates me about being a motivator?

The people, the amazing humans that show up on those bikes, for the first time, or their 100th time. It is those people, the community, that inspire me to motivate, to be present and in the moment in that room. Lets not forget the sweat, the amazing sounds, and those lights, I mean come on. One of my biggest goals in life is to be even just a small morsel of others journey, self discovery, and adventure in bettering themselves. Being a motivator gives that opportunity to be part of something bigger than me. I say this every time, it never gets old. Every single time I show up, it feels like the first, the adrenaline, the energy, it comes from see all those gorgeous faces.


How would you describe your style of class at YYC?
I like to have fun, bring out the inner badass in all of the biker gang, and its guaranteed to be a sweaty 50 minutes. In my classes, I like to think that the biker gang feels more than just their muscle strength but also finds that bit of heart, that sense of community, and that energy that fills the room. With every class setting new limits, pushing boundaries, and discovering new strengths, adding on that dial more than you have before, its your challenge, its your ability to create change for yourself. Someone who's passion is health and fitness, marathon runner, newly made boxer, all over fitness addict, I get to bring that into the room, and on that bike, and share that passion with all of you. YYC, are you ready?!
What is the most number of espresso shots you’ve had in one day? 

13 - all in americano’s (I think that makes it better)


Name one random act you will do anywhere at any time? 

Dance, I will bust out a move at any point, just wait, it could happen in that room…Love those beats!


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