Sydney Young

| Connector | Community Builder | Adventurer | Smile Seeker | First one on the Dance Floor |

What Motivates you about being a Motivator?

Getting motivated is a team effort, and we're all accountable to each other. I've committed to showing up to each class and giving 100%, and so has everyone in the bikergang. We're all in this together! There is nothing better than knowing that you've made a positive difference in someone's day, increased their
confidence, or helped them get stronger. 

How would you describe your classes at YYC CYCLE?

Whether you're having the best day or the worst day, we're going to sweat it all out, be one step closer to our goal bods and have a ton of fun doing it. Rap, dance and remixes to keep the energy high, my goal is to get the best workout I can in the 50 minutes I have. 

Who's your celebrity look alike?

 If you squint or if it's dark enough, you might think I'm Jennifer Lawrence. I'm like the Katniss Everdeen of spin.

What's your Instagram handle?