Brett Lantz

| Tree Hugger | Light Capturer | Gryffindor | Supertramp | Sweat Jedi |


What motivates me about being a motivator?

Helping others around me achieve happiness, whether that be the freedom of thought for those fifty minutes or long term goals. On that stage I am able to combine my passion for exercise with my highly coveted DJ skills that I acquired deep in the Mayan jungle. The community that is YYC empowers me and fuels my fast paced lifestyle. Being surrounded by others who are driven and motivated to work hard motivates me to push myself in my own life.


How would you describe your style of class at YYC?
Eating hot wings in the Sahara desert while riding a camel that just drank three Red Bulls. You’re going to sweat but guaranteed to have a good time. Enjoy the ride.


T-shirt with Pants or Sweater with Shorts? 

Sweater with shorts for sure! It lets people appreciate the Birkenstocks more


Favorite excuse to skip leg day? 

Vernal equinox


How can we find you on #instagram?