Allison Long

| Sweat Addict | Random Adventurer | Hip Hop Fanatic | Word Person | Professional Nap Taker |

What Motivates you about being a Motivator?

That moment when you’re in a spin class - the music drops, the words hit just right and you get goose bumps, smile, tear up, or are overcome with the urge to “woo”! Those are the kinds of moments that not only drove me to want to be a Motivator, but also helped me through some of the toughest times in my own life. I want to create those moments for the people in my class, to push them past their physical and mental limits whether it’s their best or worst day.   

How would you describe your classes at YYC CYCLE?

My classes have a mix of EDM, hip hop, throwbacks, oldies, songs to get lost in, songs to sing along to, and songs that make you feel like a badass! It’s a high- energy, challenging dance party that will make you laugh, cheer, and most importantly sweat. I know that everyone’s best looks and feels different on any given day; my goal is to make sure you surpass what you feel your best is every damn time!   

What is your biggest pet peeve?

 When people try to take and/or share my food. Especially if it’s dessert, or bacon...savage. 

How do you turn a bad day around?

Baked goods and some aggressive party rap. If all else fails, take a nap and start over. 

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