Olivia Dobek

  • Wiener dog mama
  • Chocolate & wine enthusiast
  • Engineer

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I am inspired when I realize I can do something I never thought I could. Whether it’s spinning with a few extra turns on the resistance dial than the last time, or just showing up for class, I find it powerful to break the boundaries I set for myself. I always feel mentally and physically stronger walking out of a YYC cycle class, and I know it is because the energy of others is pushing me, even when I feel like I can’t push myself.

I hope to help others feel inspired to push themselves harder than they would alone, and realize how strong they truly are. I love to see others taking accountability and control of their mental and physical health, and I can’t wait to motivate people on their personal journey!!


Watching Grey’s Anatomy for the 100th time | Hiking/Biking/Skiing | Travelling

Peanut butter (by the spoon)

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