Julie Dee

| Gym Rat | Dynamis Athlete | Jet Setter | Unicorn Hunter | Sparkle Junkie |


What motivates you about being a motivator? 

I LIVE to sweat and I LOVE to inspire others to do the same.  To me, there is nothing more rewarding than helping someone along their fitness journey and watching them achieve their goals and become healthier, happier versions of themselves.  As a YYC Motivator I know I will get to see this on a weekly (or heck even daily) basis with my biker gang, that first and foremost is my motivation to hop up on the bike and sweat it out.


How would you describe your style of class at YYC?

A$$ kicking, heart pumping, sweat dripping cardio dance party.


What is your favorite book? 

“A Million Little Pieces” by James Frey. A close second is “ The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls. 


How do you like your eggs? 

Over Easy. 


How can we find you on #instagram?