At YYC Cycle Spin Studio, one of the most important aspects of our business is giving back to the community. That’s why each Friday we hold a “GIVE’R” class! Not only are these classes held at a discounted drop in rate of $10, but 100% of the proceeds will go to our current charity of choice! While you sweat it out, you’re also helping to make the world a better place. Feels good doesn’t it?

Want to get involved?

We hold our quarterly nominations through our Instagram and Facebook pages, so stay tuned! Once 3 charity's have been chosen, we put it back out to the public for a final vote.


Current GIVE'R

Time and time again we're beside ourselves at your passion for giving back to the community. We're thrilled that Big Brothers Big Sisters Calgary and Area has been voted our GIVE'R charity for the first third quarter of 2016!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area is a donor-supported, volunteer-driven organization founded on mentoring as a proven strategy for ensuring resiliency, future orientation and social support for children and youth.

For over 20 years, we have been making a positive difference in the lives of young people through a wide range of one-to-one and group mentoring programs, both in school and in the community. Founded in 1994 with the merger of Uncles at Large, Aunts at Large and Big Sisters of Calgary, we currently serve over 2,000 young people and volunteers in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, High River and Okotoks.

Our mentoring programs combine passion with patience, empathy and a generous spirit that encourages real connections to form. Serving as role models, our mentors teach by example the importance of giving and giving back, of staying in school and of having respect for family, peers and community. Our mentoring relationships challenge and support young people, allowing them to realize they have the ability to succeed and make life-changing decisions. Each time we match a young person with a mentor, we start something incredible – a life-changing relationship built on friendship, trust and empowerment.

Check them out at:


Previous GIVE'Rs

KLEOS Microfinance Group - $9030.00_Donation


A little more about Kleos Microfinance Group: 

Who We Are
The Kleos Microfinance Group is a Calgary based organization that focuses on direct development aid. The Group is aimed towards improving the living conditions for those people around the globe that are in the greatest need of economic assistance. This is contrary to the strategies of many mainstream foreign aid agencies, which provide aid through large multinational corporations rather than directly to those with the most need. Kleos operates with the opposing principle. Loans and credits are provided to those people who are not considered to be bankable, those who lack the required collateral, credit history, or formal income to be considered by major banks as reliable credit recipients.

What We do
Simply put, the Kleos Microfinance Group gives small manageable loans directly to anyone in need. This is done through what is known as the group lending model, which gives loans on a community wide basis in groups of five, allowing for loans to go directly to those who need them the most. The majority of recipients are rural women, as they represent both the most overlooked demographic for economic aid and the more responsible borrowers. Social collateral, through the use of local solidarity groups, is used to maintain repayment and assure a long term series of loans is available to the community. Microcredit loans are not meant to alter established cultural norms or impart a necessarily western economic model into the developing world.  Rather, the financing allows for small loans to improve the ability of small groups of people to expand their already established economic practices. The goal of the Kleos Microfinance Group is to create prosperity through unity, hard work and generosity.

CAMP FYREFLY - $__________ Donation

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.29.03 PM

A little more about Camp fYrefly:

Camp fYrefly is Canada's only national leadership retreat for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-identified, two-spirited, intersexed, queer, questioning, and allied youth. The Camp, which was founded in 2004 by Dr. André P. Grace and Dr. Kristopher Wells, is designed to help youth develop the leadership skills and personal resiliency necessary for them to become agents for positive change in their schools, families, and communities.


Autism Aspergers Friendship Society - $_________ Donation


Here's a little more information about "AAFS":


"Friendship means someone who you can trust and/or someone who heals you. You cannot simply ask for friends, or if the other person is your Friend, it is much more advanced than a yes or no answer, and Friendship builds up over time.

Friendship is "People getting to know other people and being interested in one another. Liking them for who they are, and not judging them. Not judging the book by its cover".

What AAFS believes in
We believe it is important to provide a safe space for youth to learn social thinking and take social risks. It is also vital to connect our youth with other members of their community to not only share experiences but strengthen them as individuals and as a community. Our youth have so much to share with the disabled and greater community if we take the time to listen."


Their Opportunity - $2,190.00 Donation

Here's a little more information about "Their Opportunity":

To provide low-income families with the means to enroll their children in local sports and recreational programs. By alleviating the financial costs of enrollment fees, children can develop the confidence, social skills and healthy lifestyles attainable through sport.

What Makes "Their Opportunity" Different
Children that have received sponsorship are required to "pay it forward" through Their Opportunity's give-back program. Children use the skills they have developed through sport to enhance the community through service and engagement.


Twitter: @Their_Opp


Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter - $16,310.00 Donation


A little more about the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter from their website:

"In 2014, the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter will commemorate our 40th year of service to families experiencing family violence and abuse - a service that has improved the lives of over 150,000 members of our community.

Though our Emergency Shelter remains the cornerstone of our organization, each year we serve over 12,000 women, children, youth and men through a number of innovative safety, healing and prevention programs. Our community collaborations, research and evaluation programs keep us connected and ensure our services and programs are operating efficiently. We regularly partner with academics and university to pioneer techniques that are at the forefront of the movement to stop family violence internationally.

As a registered charity, we are very thankful for the generosity of Calgarians, with nearly 60 per cent of our funding coming from non-government or private funding sources.”

Calgary Humane Society- $3,700.00

The Calgary Humane Society's mission is to "Help As Many Animals as They Can" and the Bikergang wants to help! Below are their Vision, Values and Dream. Let's make it all a reality together.

Vision - To lead the way and set standards of excellence for the humane treatment of animals, thus fostering a community based on respect and compassion.

Values- The Calgary Humane Society values respect, compassion, team work, integrity, and commitment.

Dream- We envision a world in which the Calgary Humane Society is no longer needed.

Right To Play -$1810.00 Donation
Right To Play is a global organization, using the transformative power of play to educate and empower children and youth. Through playing sports and games, Right To Play teaches children essential life skills that help them overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease so they can create better futures and drive lasting social change in their communities and beyond.



For over 40 years, JDRF has been a global leader in the search for an end to type 1 diabetes (T1D), through both research funding and advocacy. JDRF’s research is committed to improving the lives of every person with T1D and to curing this disease.

JDRF’s research is committed to improving the lives of every person with T1D and to curing this disease. JDRF's research goals are realized by the projects being supported in three basic areas: Cure, Treat, Prevent.

HEART & STROKE FOUNDATION - $11,650.00 Donation


Our First Quarterly GIVE'R Charity we partnered up with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada! Over the past 60 years, the Heart and Stroke Foundation has donated more than $1.35 billion to heart and stroke research. Over the same period of time, deaths in Canada related to heart and stroke have dropped by over 75%. They are currently Canada’s most trusted authority on cardiovascular health, and we are super excited to show them how much our Biker Gang appreciates the work they do. Keep it up!










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