10 Quick Tips for a Healthier You

YYC CYCLE- Spin Studio Nutrion TipsOn Sunday June 22nd, Chelsey Currie and Julie Dee lead a nutrition workshop for the #YYCBikergang at YYC CYCLE. For those of you who couldn't make the event, they've put together their top 10 tips for properly fueling your body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



  1. Start your day off with 1 cup of lemon water to raise body PH levels (more alkaline).  Raising PH levels helps boost immunity as most pathogens thrive in an acidic environment.
  2. Have protein in every meal/snack to balance blood sugar levels.
  3. Space the time between meals evenly for optimal fat burn and to keep your insulin levels as “flat” as possible (avoid spikes).
  4. Eat starchy carbohydrates in first half of day and move to only fibrous carbohydrates (veggies) in second half.
  5. Healthy fats daily are beneficial to our bodies and aid in fat loss. (If you don't eat them your body won't know how to digest them and will store them).
  6. Eating meals start to finish allows body the time to digest and take out what it needs versus "grazing" all day.
  7. Eat within 30 minutes of waking up, an hour before bed, an hour pre workout and within 30 mins post workout.
  8. Read ingredient labels- rule of thumb: while single ingredient foods are the best (a piece of fruit, meat, veggies etc.)  if there are more than 8 ingredients or words you can't pronounce- don't eat it.
  9. Drink water all throughout your day, aiming for 3-4L daily. Often our brain will tell us it's hungry when it's actually just dehydrated.
  10. LIVE life- allow yourself treat meals/dessert without guilt, 80-20 rule. Associating negative thoughts when eating "bad" foods will cause body to store it. Enjoy!!


OK Bikergang, now go incorporate a couple ( or all ) of these tips into your life and let us know how great you feel!


Stay tuned for more health and wellness tips, as well as more health and lifestyle workshops to come at YYC CYCLE- Spin Studio.