Kayley Brooks

Sweat Junkie | Mixtape OG | Adventure Maker | Closet Ninja Turtle | Grand Optimist

- What motivates you about being a Motivator?
The connections made in that room: on the bike, with yourself, with your neighbour, with each other - that's the good stuff.
It ain't always easy to make the choice to spend a little time for you, but once you clip in, focus up and start connecting to that place of power, the fire is lit. The energy we build together in that room elevates us outside those four walls and connects us within. Also, all the sweaty hugs and high fives.

- How would you describe your classes at YYC Cycle? Sweaty as hell with a soundtrack that won't quit. Plenty of high energy tracks and heavy drops to get that fire burning and your energy hyped with everything from hip hop, alternative, country, remixes and EDM. Every class is designed to leave us all feeling a little lighter, a lot stronger and a hell of a lot happier (tired happy still counts!).

One thing to know: I love a good mixtape almost as much as I love a good theme party so keep those peepers peeled on that schedule for the chance to combine the two for a good ol' fashioned theme ride (think anything from Jay & Bey to Big Shiny Tunes to Country Jams to Reggae Remixed...the world is our oyster).

- Favourite Holiday:
I like Stampede, I love Christmas but I think Halloween is legit the most wonderful time of the year.

Quote of the Day:
"'They' say a lot of things. Don't do 'they'. Do you." - Russell Westbrook

Your instagram handle:
@kay_ley (soundtracks through soundcloud: kayley_b)

Kayley Brooks instructs the following:
  • Spin

  • GIVE'R Class - $10 Charity Drop In
  • In order to attend this class, please purchase the $10 GIVE'R Passes. 100% of proceeds will be donated to our current GIVE'R Charity. Class Registration opens each Thursday, a day before the class is held.