Jessie Watson


I believe that we are beyond lucky to not only be alive, but also to have our health. On top of that, having the means to do all the amazing and fun things that we do in life is such a gift. That being said, life happens, and it is often far too easy to take this for granted when times get tough, and the negativity and stress begins to build up. Enter – YYC Cycle!

Spin at YYC Cycle have gotten me through some of my toughest struggles and darkest periods of my life, and for that, I am forever grateful. No matter what is going on outside the doors, I can honestly say that I walk out of every single class feeling better, happier, stronger and more energetic than when I walked in. Having the opportunity to now be a Motivator not only is therapy for me, but gives me the chance to provide this therapy for those around me. We are all fighting different battles outside of the studio, but when we are in there together, none of that matters. Whether it is for an escape from life’s stress 50 minutes, a great sweat, discovering a new song they like, seeing themselves improve from last class, or having a laugh at my inability to talk due to spin brain (or cat story), this place is complete magic for both the Bikergang and us MOs.

Jessie Watson instructs the following: