This class is taught by:

Marin McCue

| Everyday Learner | Everyday Laugher | Everyday Lover | Everyday SWEATER | Moment Joy Squeezer | Chance Taker | Dopamine Lover | Be-the-change-you-want-to-see-in-the-world Believer |


What Motivates you about being a Motivator?

I want everyone else to feel the pure joy, satisfaction, energy, resilience, courage, and passion that I feel when I push pass boundaries or accomplish a goal (micro or macro) that started as a distant dream. I want to help people tap into their inner strength and help them realize they are truly capable of absolutely anything that set their minds and hearts to.

How would you describe your style of class at YYC?

I love to work hard but I love to have fun even more. My class will put a smile on your face, it will challenge you and make you stronger. You will leave my class pumped full of dopamine (the feel-good neurotransmitter - google it) and ready to tackle whatever life has in store for you. Life's too short to sweat the small stuff, we will move passed those barriers together.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Professional Basketball player.

What is your weakness?

Ice cream and a really good muffin.

Dione Setoguchi

| Lover of Love | Goal Crusher | Farmer's Daughter | Connector | Denim Addict | Pizza Princess | Cupcake Queen |

What motivates me about being a motivator?
Connecting with people is one of my passions. So it only makes sense that it's one of the reasons I love being a motivator. When I first started spinning at the Kensington location I was immediately addicted to the infectious and inspiring community! I want to pay that forward. I love that my classes can create the space for people to come together, conquer obstacles, and crush goals!

How would you describe your style of class at YYC?
Imagine the best kitchen dance party with all of your favorite people there. You're laughing and sweating and singing along (if you're like me you're definitely off key)! That's what my classes are like. A room full of amazing people, pushing past limits on the bike so that we can all push past them when we leave the room too. Fun, love, connection and inspiration are some of my core values and I promise to deliver them every class!

If you could be any superhero, who would you be?
Harry Potter. And don't question me about his super hero status. He just is.

If you could have dinner with 3 people, who would they be?
John Lennon
Jessica Alba*
My Grandpa

*Important Note: She is my ultimate Girl Crush

Mandy Alston

| Lady of Laughter | Sweat Addict | Spiritual Gangster | Positivity Pusher | Dog Lover | Goal Digger | Life Crusher | Candy Muncher |

What motivates me about being a motivator?
All of you, my wonderful Bikergang.

When you show up your true authentic selves, sharing your inspirational stories and addicting energy. Here I find my inspiration.

It's in feeling that unique and addicting energy as I walk into the room. That feeling is electric and I thrive on finding it every time.

I love sweating, and I LOVE inspiration.

The combination of both rocks my world!!!

How would you describe your style of class at YYC?

Before my class you will feel an abundance of love, support and kick-assness as everyone chats and gets ready for their incredible ride to come.

While in class all of those unbelievably positive feelings will multiply, the sheer level of our bad-assery will blow your mind. Electricity aside you’ll find; jacked up music, dancing (on the bike of course), constant laughter and contagious smiles. These powerful 50 minutes we will share together will help you leave your worries at the door!

As we open that studio door all that amazing energy will not only stick with you, but flow to all those you encounter that day.

Cannot wait to ride with you!

What is your guilty pleasure?
Candy....I love all kinds, I never judge.

If any movie could become real life, which one would it be?
The Little Mermaid.....obviously.

How can we find you on #instagram?


Erinn & Nate Thomas

| Devoted Dance Parents | Workout Junkies | Wine Lovers | Sun Worshipers | Anti-Aging | Big-Hearted|

What motivates me about being a motivator?
We motivate with the ultimate hope to inspire the Bikergang… No matter where you are in life or how busy you are, you can choose to make physical fitness a priority. We are passionate about the gigantic health benefits and we want to share this passion! We get excited when we think about impacting others so much so that they make a positive change in their life! Fit people are happy people!

Busy people get it done! We are proud parents of two beautiful, busy girls. Between shuttling our girls to and from dance, school and social activities, and managing demanding work schedules, fitness always remains a priority.

Being in a position to positively impact and invoke change through Spin is an incredible blessing.

How would you describe your style of class at YYC?
Action-packed, no-holds barred, energizing 50 minutes. Lot’s of sweat, lot’s of hard work, and instant gratification. We don’t take ourselves too seriously – we laugh often, pump out the high-powered tunes, push hard and get it done as a team.

If you turned into each other for a day, what would you do?
E: I would stare at and feel my abs all day long and enjoy not having to do my hair!
N: Just look hot in my Lululemon’s and pray that I don’t have to make a ballet bun for one of the girls…
If you won $20 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?
Take a deep Breath. Become professional philanthropists. Move into Marda Loop. Open a dance studio for our daughters. Motivate more.

How can we find you on #instagram?


Laura Berg

| SDSU Alum (Go Aztecs!) | Avid Avocado Consumer | Loves Puppy Kisses | Bleeds LA Dodgers Blue and Kings Black | Nourish Sweat Soul-prenuer (entrepreneur - get it? ;) |

What Motivates you about being a Motivator?
Sharing and spreading the contagious energy and community of YYC and everything that comes with it, not just a killer sweat, its so much more! We Mo's have a platform unlike any other to inspire others, and impact our community in such as positive way!

How would you describe your classes at YYC CYCLE?
I geek out to my music, sometimes I love remixes and mash ups other times I crave original versions of tracks, or songs with artists that have incredible vocals that touch the soul and even way back throw backs. Yes I love electronic music but I can get just as ramped up by a 90s pop song. I prefer not to over talk or over do it on movements, I want the bikergang to be in their bodies, feel their breathe and be present.

What is something weird you have done to get your hands on amazing food?
I almost missed a flight because I desperately needed to stop by Cafe Gratitude in Venice Beach on the way to LAX for one more GF Vegan Cinnamon Roll. Those with food allergies like me it will change your life!

What's your Instagram Handle?

@heyimlb + @nourishsweatsoul

Sophie Fearn

| Crazy Dog Lover | Giving Backer | Coffee Crusher | Prosecco Connoisseur | Energizer Bunny |

What Motivates you about being a Motivator?
I am so Motivated to be the best Motivator that I can be. I love to inspire, encourage, respect and push my members to the limits they didn’t think they could reach. The way I live my life is by treating everybody exactly the same. The fact that people have made an effort to get their butts out the door and make it to my class is wonderful and I want them to know how I much I appreciate them. All they need to do now is get that booty on that bike and I will provide them with an uplifting experiencing where they walk away from the studio thinking “I am the shit”. YYC Cycle changed my life in so many ways, I want to do the same for every single person that walks through them doors.

How would you describe your classes at YYC CYCLE?
My classes are similar to a mixed bag of candy. I feel my playlists really represent my personality. I love hard energy music but also love some classical music too. My classes are hard because I want my members to get their money worth and leave thinking..”WOW I didn’t think I could push myself to this limit..I am the shit” I love it loud, aggressive and sweaty.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
People who aren't considerate of others :)

What's your Bucket List Item?
Meet an A-list celebrity and have a meaningful conversation with them!

What's your Instagram handle?


Elle McAndrews

| Go-Getter | Spin Obsessed | Vintage Seeker | Clumsy as Hell | Kitchen Queen | Booty Shaker | Music Therapist | Fun Fact Sponge| Potato Chip Addict |

What motivates me about being a motivator?
Knowing that I get to ride with a community that is seeking wellness and energy. Spin is a game changer for me and it brings me such joy to observe others working hard toward their goals.

How would you describe your style of class at YYC?
Music is a motivator in itself. In my profession, I observe music eliciting responses in people that I didn’t think were possible. It reaches people in incredible ways. The music I bring to my classes is chosen with the intent of encouraging you push a little harder and have a blast at the same time! Imagine I’m your partner in crime at the club getting you to do a dance up on the bar, or talk to that person you’ve been crushing on - or maybe dirty dance with them. #mischief

What can make you laugh until you cry?
The answers my girlfriends give when we play the game “Things”

Top 3 things you couldn't forgo in life?
Love, chablis, and music

How can we find you on #instagram?

Jilayne Lester

| Popcorn Connoisseur | Protein Princess | Squat Monster | Coffee Addict | Candid |

What Motivates you about being a Motivator?
You. Heartbeats; racing and sweaty. 110%. Leaving stronger than when you arrived. Give me what's real, raw and unedited. If not now, when? Let's move mountains together.

How would you describe your classes at YYC CYCLE?
There will be no shortage of HIITs and heavy grinds in my class. I hope at one point in every class of mine you curse me at least once for making your glutes burn (don't worry, you'll thank me for it later). Enjoy the ride - you're in for a musical treat.

Things I can't live without -
Deep belly laughs, family snuggles and macros.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Red wine and sour cherry blasters!

Your instagram handle?

Warren Matzelle

| Gastronome | Enjoy a Fresh Snapback | Globe Trotter | High 5's are Rad |

What motivates you about being a motivator?

My passion is people. Helping bring the best out of one another, individually and in group settings. Everyone has obstacles in life - cognitive, personal, physical - my goal, and my class, will foster a communal sanctuary to escape and achieve new personal goals.

How would you describe one of your style of classes at YYC?

A combination of awesome music, athletic movement and mental discipline. High energy and high intensity, an environment that will push your limits!

If you could try out any job for a day, what would you like to try?

Family Feud Host.

What is your favorite book?

“Outliers” - Malcolm Gladwell

Claudia Ling

| Energizer Bunny | Lame Jokester | Party Starter | Spin Crusher | Giving Ninja |

What motivates you to be a motivator?
The positive vibes, powerful energy and courage that are brought together by the Bikergang. When I first step foot into YYC Cycle in Sep'15, I had a little evil named “fear” in me. I didn’t know what to expect, wasn’t sure if I would physically/mentally be able to handle the intensity of it. I just wasn’t sure how far of my comfort zone I was getting away from, given that I never even grew up riding a bike! That 50 minutes changed my life! Within that class, I danced to the beat of the sick tracks, almost fell off a bike (Yes. That happened.), fist pumped to other Bikergang who were here for the same reasons ( sweat | be proud | laugh ), was inspired and motivated to surpass my imaginary limit and I came out feeling more energetic, up-lifted and happy than ever. I want to share that same feeling with each and every Bikergang who come through those doors. Letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be or what we’re supposed to do and spend that 50 minutes embracing who we are and what we need to do for ourselves. This is what matters to me.

How would you describe your classes at YYC CYCLE?
Cardio crusher, core strength builder and busting a laugh while doing that! A mix of EDM, drum&bass, hip-hop and old school remix will make you want to get off the saddle and dance! You are expected to show up and surpass your limit every time. And the best part is, we’re doing it together!

What is your favourite joke?
How many tickles can an octopus take?


Who is your celebrity look-alike?
Lucy Liu…minus 2 inches

Your Instagram handle?

Kelsay Gault

| Book, Bike & Cappucino Lover | Hopeless Romantic | Yoga Junkie | Sushi Obsessed | Hip Hop Aficionado | Shopaholic | Pun Master | Workaholic | Amateur Iron Chef | Spin Addict | Banana Hater |

What Motivates you about being a Motivator?

The one thing that motivates me about being a motivator is motivating others – say motivate one more time – but, seriously, I truly love to see people succeed and overcome the fears and barriers in their lives; spin became a tool for me that has made me more successful in all avenues of my life and to share that excitement is pure bliss.

How would you describe your style of class at YYC?

Being introduced into the corporate world as an event planner, I love a good party – expect hip hop, rap, and house music to transform our 50 minutes into the best dance party of all eternity. After my classes, you’ll walk away with a little more swagga in your step! #BIKESWAG

If you were a type of animal, what would you be and why?

A lion. Because they “Don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep”.

How old would you be if you didn’t know your age?

25 for sure.... i’m 24.

Andrew Obrecht

| Passion Seaker | Lululemon Ambassador | CrossFit Junkie | Authenticity Preacher | Growth Searcher | Fear Destroyer | Change Practitioner | YYC Lover | Sweat-Life Advocate |

What motivates you about being a motivator?

They say to follow your passion and you’ll find your purpose. Being a Motivator IS my purpose. It's not even about spin. It’s so much more. Spin has become an accessory to what happens in that room and beyond it's doors. Spin has become a platform for so much; Positivity, Passion, Motivation, Overcoming, Betterment, Community, Authenticity and simply Happiness! Not just for me, but for every member of the biker gang who has ever sat down on the bike with me. We are on a journey together to overcome physical and mental changes and challenges, and I'm right there beside you every step of the way. We are all confined by the walls we have built ourselves. Let's break them down and strive for greatness together. We can. We will.

How would you describe one of your style of classes at YYC?

One of my classes is like walking into a Night Club in Las Vegas with spin bikes in the room! The lights, sounds and energy are electric. The tracks will have you rocking to remixes of everything from Jay-Z with Stevie Wonder, to Mumford and Sons mixed with ACDC. We’ll push ourselves to our limits, dripping with sweat, and find out just how strong we are together. You are always stronger than you think you are.... BRING IT!

Comedy or Horror Movie?

Comedy for sure!

What is your favorite quote?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
- Marianne Williamson


Christine Slaunwhite

| Chocoholic | Philanthropist | Self-Deprecating Humour | Disney Enthusiast | World Traveller |

What Motivates you about being a Motivator?
I’ve been obsessed with maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle since losing my dad to a preventable heart disease (emphasis on “balanced” as I will never turn my back on chocolate). I aim to live each day vivaciously, learning something from each person that I cross paths with. Being a motivator provides me the opportunity to meet and learn from so many people while sharing my experiences. The YYC Cycle community has been my saving grace through some difficult times and I hope to manifest that nondiscriminatory family-like environment in my classes. Whether you’re new to spin or you’ve attended 500 classes, I look forward to learning from you.

How would you describe your classes at YYC CYCLE?
Bootylicious! I love music that makes you want to break out into a booty-poppin’ dance frenzy. Despite the fact that I was a competitive dancer for years, my dance moves are akin to the Carlton dance. When you attend my class, I hope you leave your inhibitions at the door and leave my class feeling lifted - whether that’s your spirit, energy or booty. I have an eclectic taste in music - playing everything from rap to Disney remixes but you’ll always know when one of my favourites is playing cuz I’ll have a geeky grin from ear to ear.

Who's your favourite Disney character?
Stitch - slightly destructive and misunderstood but he means well and he's friggen cute (in an "ugly blue alien" kind of way).

What's your Bucket List Item?
Travel to two new countries each year!

What's your Instagram handle?


Rachel Morrison

| Professional Chameleon | Sweat Seeker | Jetsetter | Connection Generator |

What Motivates you about being a Motivator?
Ultimately, being a YYC motivator provides me with the ability to contribute to a community that positively infiltrates my life everyday. I strive to create an alternate reality with no restrictions and no judgment, but simply infectious energy. I cherish each and every relationship fostered within four sweaty walls and I am blessed to be able to promote the fundamental foundation of fitness, movement.
How would you describe your classes at YYC CYCLE?
Throwing in the towel, without it getting sweaty is not an option in my class. I provide the YYC bikergang with the perfect variety if spin culture. I have a passion for music and find myself getting lost in the beat and you will too while pushing to your absolute limits. My goal is to connect with each and every biker gang member and inspire you to reach the brink of absolute fatigue while leaving the room refueled and refreshed.
Name one item you can always find in your gym bag?
A brown, squishy banana (great source of potassium).
Things you can't live without?
David's Tea, my glasses (for safety reasons) & a fuzzy blanket.
Your Instagram handle?

Chris Scruggs

| Alberta Ballet Dancer | Indiana University Hoosier | Ski Patroller | Sushi Fanatic | Go-Getter | Beat Catcher |

What motivates you about being a motivator?
The People, The Biker Gang! The people in a room make an enormous impact on the energy in the space. I will always give 200% of myself on that bike and I love love love feeling that energy, commitment, power, and fire back from the biker gang throughout the ride. I love that each of us has our own unique journey or individual story, and we all still come together and ride those 50 minutes as one group, one community--that really inspires me. Being able to lose yourself in the music and let everything go, that is the beginning of growth and change. The ability to be on the bike with you all and kill that beat and of course DANCE it out together!….Just a few reasons why I love being a motivator :)
How would you describe your style of class at YYC?
Music PUMPING, Lights BLAZING, Sweat DRIPPING, Energy on FIRE, and Dancing on that bike! WOO! I would for sure say that my class is based on music, I LOVE a sick beat. I always promise to deliver music that will let you sing along to your favourite top 40’s remixes and also allow you to lose yourself in new tracks. Theres a time in my class for each and everyone of you! Wether its Dancing our butts off throughout the ride on the bike, an arm burning weight track, a sing along to tracks we all know, discovering and chasing that beat with some new top 40’s or EDM remixes, or a quiet moment for reflection and growth—There is a time for everyone in my class! The time is now, Lets ride y’all!
What is your guilty pleasure?
Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.
...and Pinot Grigio.
3 things you couldn't do without?
Music, Mountains, Laughter
How can we find you on #instagram?

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  • Thu Jun 22 7:45 pm - 8:35 pm with Rachel Morrison
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  • Thu Jun 22 7:45 pm - 8:35 pm with Chris Scruggs
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