Emily Cheffins

| High Diver | High fiver | Acrobatic | Justin Timberlake Fanatic | Dreamer | Day Seizer |


What motivates you about being a motivator? 

Motivating combines two of my biggest passions: people and fitness. Joining the family at YYC Cycle filled a void left from leaving a lifetime of competitive athletics. Being surrounded by like-minded people with common interests has allowed me to re-discover the joy of belonging to a team, which my training was missing. Coaching, inspiring, and getting to know bikergang members of all levels, from someone incorporating spin into their regular fitness regime to a first timer, is what has given me a sense of purpose.


How would you describe your style of class at YYC?

Picture this: It’s Saturday night and your wild weekend plans include Full House re-runs and pizza delivery, until you get peer-pressured into going to some hyped up house party. Instead of putting on jeans and a t-shirt, you throw on some spandex and a sweatband. Just as you expect to be greeted with flat beer in a plastic cup by some frat boy with a popped collar, Grady’s handing you a Happy Water and a chilled, citrus infused face towel. Rather than pumping the keg, you're pumping (and dipping) your arms to the beat of somethin' all kindsa catchy. Right as you look over expecting to see the token "DJ" friend manning the iPod dock, there I am enthusiastically sporting a headset microphone a la Britney Spears, telling you to turn up the resistance.

I want people to walk out of my class feeling electric, with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, drenched in sweat, smiling ear to ear, all fired up to come back and push even harder.


What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?  

Run away and join the circus (stay tuned…)


3 things you couldn't do without? 

Laughter, Friendship, and Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark”


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